Herkimer Diamonds are one of our region’s treasures. Lots of folks and families from Mass, N.Y., and Vermont go to one or more of the mine sites to try their luck. Usually they come back tired and satisfied. My husband Rob has spent many back-breaking hours hunting Herks at Diamond Acres in Fonda, N. Y. where his club, the Berkshire Mineral Club lease a claim. A nice selection of his finds are available at our shop.

Herkimer Diamonds are stubby, double-terminated quartz crystals found in vuggs within the massive layer of hard dolostone beneath Herkimer County and surrounding areas. Most Herks have 18 facets, 6 around each termination and 6 around the middle. Many are crystal clear, some are smoky, and others black. Inclusions such as black hydro carbon are common and enhydros, water bubbles, elusive. Rainbows are plentiful! Due to stress fractures and contact points, it is rare to find a perfect large Herk. There is a layer of vuggs containing black drusy crystals, but that layer is hard to get to.

Herkimer Diamonds are known as “attunement stones” and are used to attune oneself with another person, environment, or activity. To attune to another person both hold 2 crystals together as one for several minutes, then each person keeps one of them. To attune to an environment, place a portion of a cluster in the location and carry a portion of that same cluster on ones person. This approach can also work for groups. Herkimer quartz are popular for dream and vision work because they activate and open the third-eye and crown chakras. They are tools for astral travel, dimensional shifts, and other forms of inner exploration. Due to their clarity, brilliance, and high vibration, Herks can facilitate the removal of energy blocks or debris and they introduce a clear, high frequency into ones aura. It is said these crystals can support eyesight correction and more.

Our Herkimer Diamonds start at $3 and go up from there. Swing by and check them out.

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