Selenite is a very popular mineral especially with healing practitioners. It is believed to cleanse spaces, bodies, and other minerals of negative energy. People often place a Selenite stick or wand along each wall of a room to create a clean, safe space. Healers make grids under their work tables and rake the air around a patient’s body to release accumulated negative energy and cleanse the aura. Some folks place a long Selenite wand length-wise on the torso to cleanse and open the chakras.

It is believed that Selenite provides for clear thinking, thereby expanding one’s awareness of self and surroundings. It assists with spiritual activation, communion with Higher Self, spirit guides, and angels. Selenite will clear and amplify the properties of any minerals it is combined with.

Selenite is clear, white, grey, and rusty red. It’s various natural forms include gigantic cave crystals, red rounded blades, grey feather-like clusters, white-edged Selenite Roses, and clusters of needle-like red crystals. The most frequently used Selenite comes from white, striated tabular deposits which are cut into towers, wands, and sticks as well as shaped and polished into spheres, hearts, massage wands and more. Interestingly, light travels along the station structure of Selenite making it an excellent material for lamps.

Selenite is a relatively soft gypsum which will dissolve in water, so cleanse in sunlight or on the earth.

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