Many are familiar with White Sage smudging to cleanse and purify people, places, and things. Sage has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties beneficial to such practices. Tobacco has long been a sacred herb of East Coast Native Americans. Sweetgrass, another long standing holy herb, is native to wet meadows and other moist shaded areas from New Jersey to Alaska. Natives of the Northern Forests have used Cedar, red and white, as a ritual herb. Palo Santo, “Holy Wood”, is widely used in South America. To learn more, look up each of these plants.

Paula’s Rock Shop carries most of these smudging supplies. We have White Sage bundles and liquid spray, Sweetgrass braids and incense, Palo Santo sticks and cone incense, Cedar sacks, and Paula’s homegrown Sage/Cedar/Lavender bundles.

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